The Life & Legacy of A. R. Orage

Leeds Lodge of the Theosophical Society Lecture
Sunday 23rd May  – 2pm UK time

The Life & Legacy of A. R. Orage: Nietzsche, Theosophy and the New Age.

a zoom talk by Luke Ironside

Alfred Richard Orage (1873-1934) lived a dynamic life, central to which was his quest for deeper knowledge. Socialist, educator, journalist, academic, modernist, mystic, and Theosophist – A. R. Orage wore many hats, but throughout each chapter of his varied life can be traced a sincere yearning for understanding and truth; of transformation on both the level of the individuality and of society as a greater whole.

This talk will provide a biographical sketch of Orage’s life and legacy, with particular focus given to his mystical interpretation of the philosophy of Nietzsche, his dual studies into the philosophies of the East and the West and the founding of the Plato Group, his socialistic leanings in relation to the broader socialist movement and its connection to Theosophy, the founding of the Leeds Lodge and his term as President, his editorship of The New Age and its influence on the modernist movement, and finally, his meeting with and subsequent work on behalf of G. I. Gurdjieff.
Luke Ironside of the Virtual School of Theosophy will be giving a talk to Leeds Lodge: The Life & Legacy of A. R. Orage: Nietzsche, Theosophy and the New Age.
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The talk starts at 14.00 and doors will be open from 13.30
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May 23


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Luke Michael Ironside