The Mystery of the Cross of Light

The Mystery of the Cross of Light
A zoom meeting hosted by David Nieuwejaers


For many mystics the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Christ are not just a dogma to be believed in, nor a mere object of historical enquiry. They are foremost a mysterion, a mystery to be experienced as an event of the soul, not a problem to be solved. Problems require an unequivocal solution: we may not have enough facts to figure things out, but if we did, we could solve the problem. A problem remains outside of us, apart from our living experience and something towards which we adopt a detached, objectifying attitude. Mysteries, however, are revelatory states in which reality gives us more than we can ever comprehend or articulate. A sacred mystery does not confront us with a void in our knowledge, but invites us rather to an ever deepening (and simultaneously receding) plenitude of truth.
In this lecture we approach the crucifixion as such a mystery. Inspired by the research of Henry Corbin, we will present what has been called a Johannine Christology, which esoterically complements the one that became exoteric dogma in the Church of St. Peter. In this Christology Jesus manifests the celestial Son of Man, the Christos Angelos, the eternal True Prophet who reveals himself to each in a form as each can receive. In the non-canonical Acts of John He appears to the apostle as the Cross of Light, declaring: “This cross is sometimes called Word, sometimes Mind, sometimes Jesus, sometimes Christ, sometimes Door, sometimes Son, Father, Spirit…This Cross, then, separates off the things that are from the things from birth and below, and then also, being one, streams forth into all things.”
David Nieuwejaers has been a student of perennial philosophy and comparative religious thought for the past 30 years.
His main fields of interest are Christian mysticism and the western esoteric tradition. David was born in Belgium and lives in Maastricht (the Netherlands) where he works as a professor in criminal law.
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April 18


– 19:30

(1h 30′)


David Nieuwejaers